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Kick back, relax, unwind in your personal paradise on one of the idyllic islands that make up the Maldives


White sand, turquoise waters, and romantic overwater bungalows are among many hallmarks that set the Maldives apart

Maldives at a glance

There’s something genuinely unique about exploring one (or more!) of the chain of coral islands that make up the Maldives. Scattered among 26 Indian Ocean atolls, there are around 160 secluded resorts to choose from, each one offering a different spin on paradise. The Maldives — located off India’s southern tip and comprising 1200 islands altogether — are set amid shimmering blue and turquoise lagoons and fringed by pure white sands. The climate is gentle, and while it may be a cliche, time really does seem to stand still as you gaze out across crystal-clear waters towards an infinite horizon. Perfect for kicking back, relaxing and resetting, but ideal too for trying out new beach and water sports as well as exploring Maldivian culture and cuisine. And there’s no high or low season — because of their location, the Maldives is a year-round destination.

Couple on a tropical beach jetty at Maldives Love Travel Adventures trip
Dinner table for a couple on the beach of an island of Maldives Love Travel Adventures trip
Colorful wooden boat on the coast of the Gulhi island Maldives Love Travel Adventures trip
White tropical beach in Maldives with few palm trees and blue lagoon Love Travel Adventures trip
The Maldives 1 Love Travel Adventures trip
Young adult woman relaxing in the hammock at Maldives Love Travel Adventures trip
Luxurious Maldives Island Resort Water Villas from above. Over Water Villas are typical for Maldives resorts Love Travel Adventures trip

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Every Love Travel Adventure experience is unique and we’re here to create your ultimate Maldives bucket-list trip. We have a list of Love Travel Adventures Maldives elements you can choose from — see it like a menu! Just select what you want to add to the mix.

Whatever shape your adventure takes, it will automatically include:

Now just add your choice of these Maldive elements and together we will make the magic happen:

Anything missing from our list? Just ask if there’s something else you’d like to add to your Love Travel Adventures Maldives experience.

Maldives highlights​

Experience the unique ‘Sea of Stars’ as millions of bioluminescent phytoplankton illuminate beautiful Vaadhoo beach

Swim alongside turtles as you enjoy a guided snorkel tour through the fabulous coral lagoon reef at Baros resort

Just sit back and relax surrounded by the hallmark Maldives white sands, turquoise waters, and swaying palm trees

Explore Maldivian culture and delicious seafood on Maafushi island, and why not try your hand at the many watersports on offer?

Why we love the Maldives​

It’s hard not to talk in cliches when it comes to the Maldives. But it’s all true — these islands are among the dreamiest of dreamy destinations, with their beautiful white-sand beaches, turquoise lagoons, coral reefs, and sensational sunsets. We’re completely seduced — as are our Love Travel Adventures clients who honeymooned in the Maldives! But despite the beauty, tranquillity, and extraordinary location, a Maldives adventure is both accessible and affordable. We work in tandem with trusted local tour operators to create exclusive year-round offers in carefully selected resorts that will transform your personal Maldives dream into an unforgettable date with paradise.

Adventure FAQs​

All international flights are included, from regional airports convenient to you subject to timetables and availability.

Your Love Travel Adventures price is also inclusive of all ground and sea travel to chosen destinations. Costs are based on two adults sharing a double or twin room, subject to adventure duration.

We offer a mix of accommodation options, from Standard to Deluxe with a minimum bed-and-breakfast basis through to full board.

All the islands that make up the Maldives are year-round destinations. Because of their location in the Indian Ocean, there’s no set weather pattern to worry about and you can confidently travel whenever works best for you.

If value for money is key, then the best months to explore the Maldives are May to October.

The local Maldives currency is the Rufiyaa, and one of these is worth slightly less than 5p. There are also Rf1 and Rf2 coins. One Rufiyaa comprises 100 Laari, and there are 1, 5, 10, 25, and 50 Laari coins. So a 10 Laari coin is worth less than a sterling halfpenny!

Unsurprisingly, you’ll use notes most often, from Rf5 (worth just over 20p), to Rf500, just over £22. If you bring with you — say — £200 in cash, you will get about Rf4,400 in return.

The US dollar is legal tender throughout the Maldives, and it may be useful to carry a mix of dollar and smaller denomination Rufiyaa notes to use for tips to local guides. You can also pay in some resorts using sterling or Euros.

We’d recommend bringing some sterling notes and swapping them for Rufiyaa at the airport. The Bank of Maldives counter in the arrival hall is the only dedicated foreign exchange in the islands. The alternative is to exchange money at banks in the capital Malé, but you may have to queue.

Your safety is our priority at Love Travel Adventures, and we recommend you consult the up-to-date guidance provided by the Foreign, Commonwealth, and Development Office (FCDO) to help you make your personal travel decisions. For more information click here.

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